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Enhance your shop's customer service, productivity, and profitability, without increasing your workload. Our collision center application will actually decrease the amount of time you spend on every vehicle.
InterCity Services
assists you in providing the best customer service for your client base by developing an application that will allow your customers to view their vehicles at any time. People love to look at their vehicles. It also makes it convenient for insurance representatives to check the status of any vehicle they may have in your shop.

Customer Benefits

Shop Benefits
  • Customers conveniently view progress on-line as the repair work is done.

  • "One click" communications allows customers to email you immediately with questions and comments.

  • Insurance representatives are kept abreast of the progress of the vehicles in your shop.

  •  Dramatic reduction in "status" calls freed up personnel.

  • Increased profits. Less time on the phone and more time in the shop means more profitability.

  • Easy to use! It takes less time to take the pictures & update your site than it does to answer 1/3 of your normal daily "status" calls.

How it Works:
Your customers bring their vehicles in for repair and you follow your normal procedures. After securing an email address for log-in purposes, you inform the customer of your collision center's web site. Pictures of the customer's vehicle can be uploaded after logging into the administration section of your website. Type in your customers e-mail address, add the newly taken picture(s), fill in a description of what is taking place and click a button. The website does the rest. Most people are excited to learn that they can view their vehicle at any time, and usually show your site to others.
Does it require a lot of time to use this system?
It takes about one minute per vehicle. That's less time than it takes to answer questions from a single customer over the phone.
How can people find their vehicle on my web site?

We put a graphical link on your site that prominently lets customers know where to click. Once they do they will enter their e-mail address in the form field and hit enter. The search results will display and they can view their vehicle. If they have any questions we provide An easy-to-use email link is accessible for any customers' questions that may arise.

How often do I need to update the information for my customers?

It's totally up to you to decide how often your customers need to be updated. We recommend once in the morning and once again at the end of the day. Even if nothing has changed, the customer is comforted in knowing you have updated the information. Most shops use the same photo from the morning if nothing has changed.

Is it easy to use?
Yes! All that's required is a digital camera and access to the internet.
How do I learn how to manage my system?
You create, update, modify or delete customer records and images all through the back office of your web site. We will teach you how to quickly edit customer information, as well as update the pictures of their vehicle.

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