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Preowned Vehicle Websites

InterCity Services provides you with a full-featured, car web-based database application designed for small to large car dealerships, car collectors, car clubs, car appraisal organizations, and more. Easy enough for any car dealership or car salesperson to operate, our preowned vehicle web sites make managing and selling cars online simple.

Users easily view your web site's database selections by choosing a vehicle type from the drop down menu. (E.g. truck, SUV, sedans, coupes, etc.) Car listings that match the car criteria they are searching for are displayed for the prospective buyer. An online form allows users to inquire about the vehicle they are interested in.

User Benefits

Dealer Benefits
  •  Easy web navigation

  • Database-driven site displays vehicle details and photos

  • On-line inquiry form allows prospective buyers to email you immediately with questions and comments

  •  Easy web updates

  • Online inventory means more web marketing exposure which translates into more sales

  • Easy-to-use back office tools make maintaining online inventory a breeze!

 Powerful Search

The powerful search option allows your visitors to search from your existing car stock. Smart technology behind this page makes it quick and easy for your users to find what they want.

Upload Images
All uploaded car images are automatically resized to the correct dimensions to save on download time and to keep your car web site looking consistent.

Powerful Admin:
A multi-tiered, password protected, web-based backoffice allows your staff to add new cars and edit existing vehicles.

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