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Service Department Websites
Your dealership's service department should be one of the best profit centers within your store. Customer satisfaction is critical for repeat sales and owner loyalty. Usually secondary to front-end operations, the advertising dollars devoted to promoting service sales are limited. While "honorable mentions" in new vehicle ads, the stores retail site along with direct mail campaigns and coupon ads are useful for advertising your service department, customers will continue to have questions worthy of answers regarding warranty and non-warranty repairs and maintenance for their vehicles. Our website application gives your Service Department the identity of an "information center" as well as a repair center.



  • SERVICE SCHEDULER for online appointment requests

  • Manufacturer's published OWNER'S TIPS

  • LOCATION and hours of operation

  • Online CONTACT form

  • Link to NEW CAR site

  • BackOffice Tools

Maintenance Schedules:
Your customer's vehicle represents a significant investment, and taking an active role in it's maintenance will help protect this investment. To help your customers determine when their vehicle requires service, we provide an on-line factory-recommended maintenance schedule that is based on mileage.
Online Service
Our appointment-request system benefits both you and your clients or customers. We provide a reliable, convenient method for your customers to request appointments and for you to confirm or decline their requests -- without having to play voice-mail tag... without having to pick up the phone at all!

Contact Us:

All pertinent information (phone numbers, fax numbers, email address, mailing address) for contacting your Service Department is listed here, along with a convenient on-line form.

Administration Tools- Back Office:

A multi-tiered, password protected, web-based back office allows your Service Department personnel to perform the following functions.


Add/Edit user profiles


Add/Edit categories


Add/Delete pictures


Add/Delete automobile models and/or years


Update prices


Retrieve orders


View and print website statistics


Check email via web browser


View data submitted via website forms (management tool)

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