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Specialty Websites
At InterCity Services, we specialize in designing and deploying 'specialty' websites. Specialty websites includes the primary sites of large institutions and corporations. These portal websites bring together all the resources of an organization for easy access by the staff and/or the general public. (Ex:

Specialty sites can also be websites that focus on a single topic or utilize unique content to target a specific audience. In such cases, the depth of content is created by increasing the number of dynamically generating links between resources on the site.  Examples include the and the websites.


  • Muiltple themes

  • Message boards (forums)

  • Site News

  • Link Directory

  • Downloads

  • FAQs

  • Guestbook
  • Portal Stats
  • Site Polls
  • Fast, easy set up & scalable
  • Online setup & admin
  • Stored procedures (SQL)

With our pre-built application source code you can create and manage users, membership, content, site layouts, events, news, links, downloads, guestbook, discussion forums, and more. The design is easily changed via style sheets and an online color editor. Access or SQL database support.

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