Configure Your Computer's E-Mail Software

E-Mail Set-Up: Eudora
Setting up Eudora is easy once you have the right information.


In Eudora, go to the Tools menu and select OPTIONS.
Step 1.

In the Options window, you will see several icons on the left. Select GETTING STARTED (circled in red).

Step 2.

In the REAL NAME field, type your name the way you would like people to see it when they get email from you. For example, John Doe.

Step 3.

In the RETURN ADDRESS field, enter your email address. For example:
Step 4.

In the MAIL SERVER (INCOMING) field, enter "".
Step 5.

In the LOGIN NAME field, enter the login name given to you by your Internet Service Provider. For example: username.
Step 6.

In the SMTP SERVER (OUTGOING) field, enter
Step 7.

There should be a check in the ALLOW AUTHENTICATION field. Leave the check there. If you do not see a check in the box, click on the box with your mouse until a check appears.
Step 8.

Click OK. This completes the basic setup - you should now be able to send and receive email in Eudora.
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