Configure Your Computer's E-Mail Software

E-Mail Set-Up: Outlook Express 6

Step 1.

Start Outlook Express. (If it has never been configured before, hit Cancel when the Wizard starts.)

From the menu, click on Tools then select Accounts.
Step 2.

From the Internet Accounts window, click on the Mail tab.

Click on the Add button and select Mail from the menu.

Step 3.

Enter your name in the Display Name field the way you would like it to appear on messages sent from you. This will appear next to your email address on all messages you send. It does not have to be your full name.

Once you have entered your name, click Next.


Step 4.

Enter your email address in the E-mail address field then click Next.
Step 5.

For the type of mail server, select POP3 from the drop down list.

For the Incoming mail server enter (not case sensitive).

For the Outgoing mail (SMTP) server enter your ISP's outgoing e-mail server information. (You may have to contact your ISP for this information.) If you are using InterCity Services for outgoing mail, enter:

After entering the server information, click Next.

Step 6.

For the Account name enter your full username, including the domain name.
Enter your password in the Password field and click Next to continue.

Step 7.

The final screen will tell you you have entered all of the required information. Click the Finish button to save the account. From the Accounts window, click Close to complete your Outlook Express setup.

Outlook Express should now be configured to use your email account.

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